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Smash Karts 2

Many years ago, I used to play the Crash Bandicoot video game on my PlayStation and I really loved it. I used to play this game with my friends and today when I played Smash Karts 2, I had the feeling like I travelled back in time and enjoying the new version of Crash Bandicoot. This game which is called Smash Karts is one of the best multiplayer arena-fighting racing game which you can find online. In fact, it is a very addictive online game with several game modes, tree of level-ups and customizations. The multiplayer mode of Smash Karts game gives you opportunity to enjoy the game with hundreds of real people all around the world. Your mission is to get weapons for your cart and destroy the enemies. Each round of the game lasts 3 minutes - during this time you must kill as many enemies as you can. When the timer goes off, the first player on the leaderboard wins the game. Killing enemies and winning match is important - you receive coins and Exp which can be used for unlocking new skins and characters and also to level-up. To store your gaming progress, you must create a free account in this game and then store your progress there. The graphics of this game is made in cartoonish style but anyway it looks pretty nice and the gameplay is smooth. Read more information about the game below.

How To Play Smash Karts 2?

Even though that the game is pretty simple there are some features that you must know before entering the battle. As you know, in this game you will have to join the server and play with people all around the world in a kart-smashing battle. The more you play this game - the more XP you get which is useful for unlocking items and level-up. The mission of the player is same in all levels and maps - reach the finish line faster then your opponents. You can use weapons to destroy enemies and make your path to the leaderboard.

How to customize your kart?

I really love games where you can customize your characters and Smash Karts is among my favorite ones. In this game you can customize both character and the vehicle. To get a new look you should visit the Customize Menu and choose the favorite items, such as hats, characters, items and others. Some of them may be locked at the beginning of the game so you will have to earn some coins to unlock them.

Main Features Of The Game.

Awesome kart battles in multiplayer mode
Ability to level up, unblock new features and earn coins.
Selection of different weapons.
Customizable characters and karts.

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